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We're getting a little tired of saying the word custom, but hey, that's what we do. The Descartes CMS is closer to it's own web application built to manage their website than it is a Drupal website. It includes CRM integration, easy form generation, document management, multilingual capabilities, unique user permissions, a mobile app, and more.

Behind the scenes: Drupal 7, JavaScript

Just about the only non-custom part of this site is the white background (luckily that ships with most popular browsers). Decipher's got custom survey functionality, custom facebook and twitter sharing, customizable user blogs, custom demo presentation and more. With an admin interface tailored specifically to their website content management is quick and easy.

Behind the scenes: Drupal CMS, JavaScript/jQuery
King Estate
Winery Inter-
active Map

What better way to learn about King Estate Winery than to move around, zoom WAY in, take a tour, check out photos and play with the legend. Ok, playing with the legend doesn't help you learn much, but it's still fun! Did I mention the entire map is dynamically driven from XML files for easy updates? How about the advanced Google Analytics integration?

Behind the scenes: Flash, ActionScript 3.0, OpenZoom, 3 bells, 2 whistles, a little magic

The Imperial Yarn website was a big challenge both interms of design implementation and custom features specific to Imperial. The final website allows for wholesale users to purchase products at wholesale prices, a custom color selector for easy shopping, and some tricky backend code to help their product SKUs match up with their QuickBooks settings.

Behind the scenes: Drupal CMS, Ubercart Shopping Cart, JavaScript, Flash
Mug Rev-

Mug Revolution is run by Owen Dearing out of Bend. He produces awesome mugs, you should really check his work out! Between a custom stock module appropriately notifying customers that they'll have to wait for their mug to his custom shipping module that calculates the cheapest shipping based on some interesting dynamics of mugs and flat-rate boxes, Owen's store and content has been customized to meet his needs.

Behind the scenes: Drupal CMS, Ubercart Shopping Cart, JavaScript, Flash
Smith Herrick

Fun, clean, quick...dig it. Just because it's a rush site that needs to be out the door in a couple days doesn't mean we don't get to have fun with the details.

Behind the scenes: PHP, JavaScript, Flash
Bend Loft

The Bend Loft website was built using the Drupal CMS framework. All content on the website is manageable by Bend Loft.

Behind the scenes: Drupal CMS, Flash Gallery, JavaScript Menus

Looney Bean features "Coffee Subscriptions" where customers create an order and receive coffee at a desired interval. The website is integrated with PayPal to allow for recurring charges or coffee subscriptions.

Behind the scenes: Drupal CMS, Ubercart, Flash, JavaScript Menus, Secure Recurring Payment Processing

The Affect Strategies website has a simple and clean design with a feature packed back end. The website was built using Drupal framework and customized for Affect Strategies. And, of course, we couldn't miss out on an opportunity to play around with some animation on the home page.

Behind the scenes: Drupal CMS, Flash, JavaScript Menus
Daily G

Frank, the founder of My Daily G, really put us to the test on this one. Anyone can sign up for a free account to receive a daily text message from Frank. An administration panel allows Frank to create messages for his subscribers and automatically sends them out on a specific date.

Behind the scenes: PHP, Custom, SMS Mailing system

We had a great time with he home page animations and Flash gallery on this site.

Behind the scenes: Flash Animation, PHP, JavaScript
Voter Guide

This is an exciting project we're hoping to see grow in the near future. We designed and developed this website using Drupal CMS as a back end framework. Integrated with Amazon S3 storage for video components.

Behind the scenes: PHP, JavaScript, Web Design, Drupal CMS

Worked with a designer on design and animation concept for this site. The content on the entire website is driven from XML files for easy updates.

Behind the scenes: Flash, ActionScript, XML
Wild Red

This full Flash website is 100% driven by XLM content. What does that mean? Quick and easy updates without even having to open Flash.

Behind the scenes: Flash, ActionScript 3.0

Make no mistake about it, even though this animated using Flash, it's still 100% searchable by Google. There's no reason to sacrifice functionality just because of SEO.

Behind the scenes: PHP, Flash

We developed this site using PHP and CSS and had full control of the Flash functionality on the home page and navigation bar.

Behind the scenes: PHP and Flash

A quick, Flash website to get the TAViMAN reel online.

Behind the scenes: Flash, ActionScript 3.0

We developed this site in using HTML with Flash components.

Behind the scenes: Flash, ActionScript, Animation, PHP

We designed this site with with the help of a designer. Site is fully adminable through an admin tool.

Behind the scenes: PHP, mySQL, Flash, ActionScript

Developed this website working with a designer. Site is fully adminable through an admin tool. Store uses PayPal's Web Payments Express for in-site ecommerce.

Behind the scenes: PHP, mySQL, DHTML, PayPal Payments

We developed this site in using DHTML, jQuery, and a bit of Flash for the intro.

Behind the scenes: HTML, JavaScript, Flash
Demarco Design
and Building

Designed and developed this entire site.

Behind the scenes: DHTML, JQuery, Flash, ActionScript 3.0

We designed and coded this site to meet the needs of HWS. Two key features they needed were PayPal payments for lessons and the RideShare program.

Behind the scenes: PHP, HTML, phpBB forum, PayPal